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Posted on 12/06/2020
The Importance of Having a Home Inspection Prior to Purchase
Photo by Tumisu via Pixabay Once you put down a good faith deposit and sign a purchase contract, you have the right to do due diligence, including getting various home inspections. You do have to pay for these inspections yourself unless you agree with the seller that the seller pays for the inspections. However, it is rare that...
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Posted on 10/11/2020
Some Great Reasons to Consider a Condo Rental in Miami
Photo by Manuel Leon via Pixabay Miami, the Cruise Capital of the World, is a bustling, exciting place to be. Boasting the busiest cruise port in the world, as well as the nation's third-tallest skyline, Miami will fascinate you with its mecca of interesting people and culture. If you haven't yet placed Miami on your bucket list of...
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