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Some Great Reasons to Consider a Condo Rental in Miami

by David Robertson 10/11/2020

 Photo by Manuel Leon via Pixabay

Miami, the Cruise Capital of the World, is a bustling, exciting place to be. Boasting the busiest cruise port in the world, as well as the nation's third-tallest skyline, Miami will fascinate you with its mecca of interesting people and culture. If you haven't yet placed Miami on your bucket list of condo rentals, we have a thousand good reasons why you should. Here are a few of the most persuasive:

The Beaches

Miami Beach and South Beach are both hot tourist attractions in peak season, but in the off-season they become even more enjoyable. The crowds begin thinning out around the end of April, leaving long, white stretches of sandy beach free for the taking. Prices are lower from May through December here, yet temperatures stay an enjoyable 70 to 80 degrees. Get a nice tan. Do some surfing. Or, wine and dine your significant other in this tropical paradise that's home to every type of cuisine you can imagine. 

The History

South Miami has a glorious Art-Deco Historic District that was once home to Gianni Versace, the famed Italian fashion designer. His mansion on Ocean Drive is a top tourist attraction in the city. But even more interesting is that this part of the city boasts a unique collection of buildings. They were designed in the Art Deco Style by several of the world's most gifted architects. A stroll through Miami's historic district will net you a unique view of this European style of architecture. 

The Culture

If it's a cultural experience you crave, Miami, Florida will satisfy like no other. Miami is a diverse melting pot of American, Latin American, and Cuban history. Sometimes nicknamed the Capital of Latin America, Miami is an international hub for art and music. You'll dine finely in Miami, and you'll find dancing around every corner. Miami never sleeps, even in the off-season. So, if you're someone who loves the nightlife, you'll adore Miami. 

The Market

The time has never been better to rent or purchase a condo in Miami. There's an excess of properties available, many coming in at far under market value. This means you'll pay much less for the same luxuries that would have cost thousands more just a few years ago. 

As investments properties go in Miami, however, this is not the time. Don't buy up property right now and expect to make a quick turnaround and profit. It's definitely a buyer's market at the moment. But that's good news for individuals and families who want to buy or rent a condo in Miami. Don't delay. Toss your floppy hat and sunglasses into the ring today, and take vacation tomorrow. 


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